Having subtitles is a key component of an engaging audiogram, but what can you do if you want to take it up to the next level? Adding animated text to your Audiograms helps keep your audience engaged throughout the whole video.

Having subtitles is good, but having animated subtitles is even better.

What are animated text audiograms? 💬

Animated text audiograms (aka Animated text videos) just like any audiogram that supplement your audio with waveforms, subtitles, and custom designs, with an emphasis on animating the subtitles of the video.

What do animated text audiograms look like? 👀

This is an animated text audiogram example created by Jupitrr featuring GaryVee. No matter whether your audience has their volume turned up, they can follow along with your audio while listening to your content.

How can you create animated text videos? 🛠

To create your own animated text videos, you can either use a professional video editing tool or an online audiogram generator.

Professional video editing software can be a powerful solution that offers micro-control over every detail of the video. However, professional video editing tools often come with a steep learning curve and a sizable financial and time investment before you even get your first output.

An alternative to mastering a professional video editing tool is to simply utilize an online audiogram tool for free. You can generate a well-designed, customized audiogram from scratch within minutes for FREE.

Sounds good? Let me walk you through how to do it 👇🏻

Creating animated text videos with Jupitrr ✅

Jupitrr offers a wide range of features for your audiograms, including dynamic waveform, background imagery, custom color, audiogram templates, and most importantly, animated text captions.  With Jupitrr's audiogram generator, you can easily create a shareable video with animated text with a few clicks.

You can create your own Audiogram with Jupitrr with 3 simple steps:

1. Create a title for your Audiogram

2. Upload your audio recording (or directly record a new recording)

3. Customize the design of  your audiogram

Choose from one of Jupitrr's templates that comes with a range of features, including:

  • Well-designed templates  ✅
  • Customizable imagery and brand colors 🎨 (With Hex Color Codes 🙌🏻)
  • Auto-generated, animated, and editable subtitles 💬
  • Dynamic Waveform  🔉 and more.

4. Enable animated subtitles for your audiogram

According to studies, 85% of social videos are viewed muted, making it crucial that your audience can view your content without turning up their volume. (Let's be honest, we don't always have our headphones with us)

Having subtitles is good, but having animated subtitles is even better.

Jupitrr provides auto-generated subtitles for 20+ languages according to your audio. Your subtitles are 100% editable to ensure accurate transcription, you can freely change the transcript as you please, update the spelling of your brand (We get it, Jupitrr vs Jupiter, yea that's tough), edit out transcription errors, and more. Once you're happy with your audiogram, we convert it into a downable file ready to be shared across your social media.

You can start creating your very own animated text video directly from your browser, for free, within a few minutes.

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