Audio on Facebook? 🎙

Facebook is known as a platform for communities. Musicians of different musical genres form groups to share their latest work; Podcasters form groups to share tips and advice on producing podcasts; Langauge coaches from groups to discuss accents and pronunciations. No matter the context, audio is a key part of communities and communication. As audio content creators, posting audio on Facebook defines our voices and we believe that there we should be allowed to post audio on Facebook.

Why post audio on Facebook? 🤔

We believe that Facebook is a great platform for everyone to share and engage with the world, and audio creators shouldn't be an exception. While carousels and graphics are great to consume, a creator's voice simply adds a sense of intimacy to the content.  

Since Facebook's launch in 2004, Facebook has become the single biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook now has a user base of over 2.9 billion users (Yea, almost 40% of the global population is on Facebook 🤯).

As a content creator, it is a MUST to build a presence on Facebook.
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While Facebook is a great platform for content creators, it isn't very audio-friendly. There isn't a simple way to upload audio to Facebook. You can freely upload images, videos, gifs, and more. There are even cool features for Q&A, life events, check-ins, etc, but there's nothing for audio.

So where does that leave us, audio content creators?

What's the solution? 💡

In order to upload audio to Facebook, there are two options:

  1. Uploading your audio file to a sharing platform
  2. Converting your audio into a video

Uploading your audio file to a sharing platform

A simple way to upload your audio on Facebook is to upload it to a sharing platform and obtain a shareable link, which can then be posted on Facebook.

Some of the most common sharing platforms currently available are Google Drive and Dropbox. Upload your audio file to Google Drive or Dropbox, get a sharable link, and you’re all set.

Remember to change your sharing settings to "Anyone with the link can view" to enable your audience to access the audio file.

Despite being the easiest way to share audio on Facebook, it probably isn't the best way nor the most engaging way to do it ☹️

Converting your audio into a video (or as we call it, an audiogram)

In order to maximize engagement and viewership for your audio content, we highly recommend converting your audio into an audiogram. Facebook has always been a platform that favors video over text and visuals over audio. With videos muted by default, you need an eye-catching video in order for your audience to notice your content. An audiogram with a dynamic waveform, subtitles, and your profile image is far more eye-catching when compared to a link generated by Google drive.

How can I create an audiogram? 🎥

Creating an audiogram is a lot easier than what you imagine. Jupitrr has made it almost as easy as uploading it to Google drive. You can create an audiogram from start to finish within a few short minutes.

Our online tool, Jupitrr, gives you all the tools you need to create an engaging piece of audio content for Facebook. Jupitrr helps you convert your audio into a shareable video by adding auto-generated subtitles, animated waveform, and stunning images to your already great audio content. It doesn't matter if you lack videography skills or have never worked on graphic design projects because you don't need any experience to create a shareable audiogram for Facebook.

Jupitrr streamlined the entire process into a few clicks. Upload or record an audio and simply customize your audiogram with Jupitrr's tool.

This is an audiogram created through Jupitrr featuring Garyvee. Within a few clicks, you can transform your audio file into an eye-catching audiogram ready to be posted on Facebook.

What are you waiting for? ⏳

Hundreds of audio creators are already using Jupitrr to upload their audio to Facebook. Don't miss out and try it out today!!!

Try creating your own audiogram now !!!

Wondering how to create what's the best way to create audio content for Facebook?  Check out our guide on audiograms.