Hi friends!

2021 is the year we met all of you, and founded Jupitrr with a single vision - to make content creation easy for everyone. We believe sharing insights online should be fast and simple, and our team has been hard at work on adding highly requested features! ⚡️

We don’t want to take too much of your time, let’s get right into it.

‌‌🔨 Product Updates

You can now choose your own custom background color and text color. No more comprising on your branding! We’ve also added some clean new gradient presets which look absolutely stunning. 🤩

Users can now upload their own images as a banner. Put your logo, artwork, or if you’d like to keep it simple go ahead and stick to our current Unsplash offerings. 🖼

On the voice recording side, we added playback & retry button where you can make sure your voice get recorded nice and tidy before designing the video. ▶️

📣 Community Shoutout

Jay Kapoor made a video about us on Youtube, and that is also how many of you got to know Jupitrr. We’re very grateful for the shoutout! 🎥

That's it for today, also for 2021. We’re exciting to bring much more to you in 2022 🚀